International Staffing

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International Staffing

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For many companies with an international presence, filling employee vacancies in remote locations often means having to work with a different staffing company in each location. When you need to recruit qualified professionals but are burdened by potential logistical risks, Livocta Jobs can help.

Through our specialized divisions, Livocta Jobs offers a complete choice of international recruiting and staffing services in locations throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

We have the resources you need right where you need them.

We place candidates from India to Middle East or from Middle East to Middle East, same also we do for India to Africa or from Africa to Africa.

Additionally, increased global economic activity and shrinking immigration boundaries have led to a large-scale migration of the working population. According to industry estimates, the world’s total migrating population is estimated to be 214 million people, a number large enough to qualify as the world’s fifth-largest nation.

Livocta jobs global recruitment services focus on supplying developing countries with a qualified and talented workforce. Increased development across Africa and the Middle East requires competitive and competent talent to sustain these regions’ growth.

Permanent staffing: Livocta Jobs providing full-fledged permanent staffing services in entire Middle East & Africa following a stringent process for each candidate.

Payroll Out sourcing & Management Includes

  • Position brief & candidate specification

    Initial needs assessment with Client to identify key competencies required of the role.

  • Decision on appropriate Recruitment Strategies

    Advertising Selection, Database Search, Executive Search may be conducted individually or concurrently

  • Initial candidate screening & short-lsting. Interviews with Consultant

    Initial candidate screening & short-lsting. Interviews with Consultant

  • Application & Consideration for Overseas

    Checking with candidates for their interest level in written mail format for overseas assignments

  • Evaluation

    Comprehensive Personality Profiling

  • Forwarding of candidates' resume to Client

    Consultant feedback to Client on candidates' ability, skills level, organizational fit etc.

  • Interviewing of short-listed candidates by Client

    Discussion between Consultant & Client on candidate suitability. Reason for rejects critical to improve next short-listing.

  • Negotiations / Acceptance of Offer

    Consultants will assist in this process, leading to a written acceptance of offer

  • Medical check up

    Consultant will assist in medical formalities through respective authorized doctors only

  • Visa formalities and documentation

    Attestation of documents & clearing visas and other formalities of candidates for respective client places

  • Post Commencement Status Checks

    Regular Consultant feedback to Client on placed candidates